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Why I started TNT

Let me introduce myself.

I go by Tony, and I recently watched a youtube video by Alex Hormozi that was an eye opener. I feel that my life moving in a circle as opposed to moving ahead as I would like. My life is moving forward and developing, yet I believe it ought to advance better.

Start tomorrow.

In the event that you watched the video by Alex Hormozi, here is me starting today. When I saw that video, I committed to growing personally and professionally with myself at the wheel and not letting random chances and careless decisions dictate my life.

A quick little bit about a lot.

I really don't have a clear path or vision of TNT at this point. I would like to bring you along when I try different things that interest me or when I learn something interesting.

A few ideas.

I'm going to start a few things like a side business using Sarah's Wholesale Ted tutorials, maybe learn to play an instrument, but mainly get my life in order by properly planning for my future.


Kindly join me on my excursion. Success or failure, it will be here.

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